Mystery. Intrigue. Danger. Nothing Maya can’t handle.

If you like
fast-paced thrillers filled with action and suspense then you’ll love S. M. Hall’s Maya Brown Missions series.

Look out for Breaking the Circle coming in February 2012!

Maya Brown is very excited to be back in London after her adventures following her mother's kidnap last summer. But her return to the city is quickly marred by her discovery of the plight of an illegal immigrant - Kay -  and that many of her friends are becoming involved with drugs. But what is the connection between the two? And is Maya overreacting or is there something she can do to save Kay and make her friends realise the danger they are in?

As Maya becomes immersed in the dark side of London life she finds herself making important discoveries about her own past too.

This exciting follow-up to Circle of Fire takes readers on another thrilling adventure with the headstrong heroine, Maya.

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ISBN 9781847801227

Publishing February 2012 (UK) / October 2012 (US) £6.99 / $8.99